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Eyelid Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Plastic Surgery

For complete eye health, your eyelids need to be as healthy as your eyes. Eyelid position is also important to your appearance. Excess eyelid skin, droopy eyelids or eyelids that run inward or outward are common problems. They can cause eye discomfort, and even limit vision. Fortunately, such eyelid conditions are correctable by surgery.

Excess Upper Eyelid Skin: "Dermatochalasis"

An excessive collection of skin along the upper eyelid is known as "dermatochalasis". This is a process that occurs naturally over time. The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest in the entire body and it can become stretched out over time. If it becomes significant enough it can have a negative impact on your vision and appearance. Your eye doctor will work with you to determine if surgery repair of this issue could be of benefit to you. This may involve further testing to determine the impact this is having on your vision. An additional consideration is whether the cause of this issue is excess skin alone or if the muscles of the eyelids are also contributing.

Outward Turning of the Eyelid: "Ectropion"

Outward turning of the eyelids, also known as "ectropion", is an age-related change that typically affects the lower eyelid. This outward turning leads to incomplete eyelid closure while blinking and overall leaves the eye more exposed to the surrounding elements. This often increases symptoms of dryness, irritation and light sensitivity and may also cause your eyes to water more often. Conservative treatments include lubrication drops and gels to reduce these symptoms, but in some cases surgery is needed to provide relief. Surgical treatment is aimed at repositioning the eyelid back to its original position where it can better protect the surface of the eye.

Inward Turning of the Eyelid: "Entropion"

Inward turning of the eyelids, also known as "entropion", is commonly the result of the natural aging process of the eye. Certain infections or injuries may also cause this to occur. When the eyelid turns inward the eyelashes and eyelid skin contact and rub against the eye itself. This leads to irritation, redness and sensitivity to light and wind. If left untreated, infection or scarring of the cornea can eventually occur, which can permanently impact your vision. Treatment is aimed at repositioning the eyelid in a more outward position to prevent the eyelashes and skin from improperly contacting the eye.

Eyelid plastic surgery procedures can be done safely in an outpatient setting by our doctors. The improvement in vision, comfort, and appearance can be very gratifying.

Gregory Kouri, OD
Trevor Kindle, MD
Kelsey Fitzgerald, OD